Full-service or self-service? We do both.

We offer two products to our enterprise customers: udu core and udu leads.

udu core is a platform for harvesting and structuring data for critical business processes. It’s our core technology, but we make it available directly to customers who have specific needs that require custom solutions. We say that it’s “at the heart of everything we do” because everything we build for customers is based on udu core. You can think of udu core as a general-purpose tool because that’s exactly what it is. We configure a solution using udu core to meet your needs, or we can train and support you to do that yourself. With udu core, the sky’s the limit.

udu leads is designed to solve a specific problem: how to discover, validate, and enrich—in short, how to structure—high-quality leads for businesses of all types. You can have results from udu leads in just hours; it’s ready to go anytime.