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New features in version 2.14.1

Sometimes when you are working on building a model or looking through results, you’ll have an idea. Maybe it’s a new keyword, a domain that should be excluded, or a required home page keyword. Stopping what you are working on and going to the appropriate place to add this information can be disruptive. Now, udu provides a handy note pad that is always available no matter what you are working on. Just make a quick note, then go back later and make the necessary changes.

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Proprietary Deal Sourcing is no Longer Just a Marketing Claim

Today’s competitive marketplace requires PE firms to explore new strategies to grow the quantity and quality of deals entering their funnel. Proprietary deals have become more challenging in an industry as competitive as private equity, with USD 1.8T of dry powder and close to 20,000 fund managers. Many private equity GPs, even today, claim that two thirds of their closed transactions are proprietary. Dig deeper, however, and you will find that their definition of “proprietary” differs greatly, rendering the term more of a marketing claim than a real capability.  

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Find Businesses – Best Practices

Find businesses does the heavy lifting when identifying, compiling and
analyzing large lists of target companies in the industries of your choosing. While the process is very straight forward, there are a few techniques that can be applied to help obtain your desired results. We have provided insight in this post that explains how to optimize search performance, complete projects faster and provide a more accurate score.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Three Core Capabilities of Private Equity Firms


“…AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives.”

Fei-Fei Li, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a tipping point and is already part of our daily lives. If you’ve used Google Maps to determine the optimal route and transport options, you would have benefitted from the AI powered predictions backed by troves of underlying data. For companies such as banks, machine learning (ML) has also been successfully used to extend loans at much lower default rates and with much greater productivity.

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