Deal Sourcing: How AI Unlocks Private Company Data

If you’re working in private equity today, you’re under pressure to find the best opportunities. The space has never been busier–more money’s been invested (a record $1.12 trillion in 2021, Bain & Company reports), and more deals are being done. A staggering $3.4 trillion in dry powder was on hand globally at the start of […]

New year updates

It’s been a while since we last caught everyone up on all of the changes and updates to udu. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to get you better data, faster. Here is a brief overview to get everyone up to speed.

New Detailed Company Data Added to udu

This company udu found looks like a great match for our portfolio, but… …what is their annual revenue? …how many employees do they have? …have they raised any institutional funding? Every single udu user…ever

New features in version 2.14.1

Sometimes when you are working on building a model or looking through results, you’ll have an idea. Maybe it’s a new keyword, a domain that should be excluded, or a required home page keyword. Stopping what you are working on and going to the appropriate place to add this information can be disruptive. Now, udu […]

Proprietary Deal Sourcing is no Longer Just a Marketing Claim

Today’s competitive marketplace requires PE firms to explore new strategies to grow the quantity and quality of deals entering their funnel. Proprietary deals have become more challenging in an industry as competitive as private equity, with USD 1.8T of dry powder and close to 20,000 fund managers. Many private equity GPs, even today, claim that […]

New features in version 2.13.1

The types of runs that you can perform on a Find Businesses search has continued to grow since the first release. As a result, it has become necessary to restructure the New run menu to showcase all of these new run types. Version 2.13.1 is unveiling this new menu.

Find Businesses – Best Practices

Find businesses does the heavy lifting when identifying, compiling andanalyzing large lists of target companies in the industries of your choosing. While the process is very straight forward, there are a few techniques that can be applied to help obtain your desired results. We have provided insight in this post that explains how to optimize […]

New features in version 2.11.1

We are introducing 2 new types of modules to help better filter down your results. Disallowed home page keywords and Disallowed domain keywords. Both of these provide a new way to easilly filter out unrelated companies. As a result, udu will get you results faster and the lists will be more accurate.

New features in version 2.10.1

Version 2.10.1 is mostly focused on behind the scenes optimizations, but there are a couple new time saving features to mention. Bulk adding keywords and allowing a list of locations for Specified location string searches.

New features in version 2.9.1

Version 2.9.1 is introducing a much needed, user requested feature. You can now set up project defaults for new projects. You have the ability to save specific modules and add them to the default list as well as configuring a few other options.