Private Equity Is Ready to Adopt AI — But How?

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Artificial intelligence has already transformed countless industries. Private equity seems poised to be the next.  PE firms are notoriously late adopters of technology. But recently private equity seems increasingly willing to acknowledge AI’s ability to provide a competitive edge for deal sourcing. 

M&A Advisors to Private Equity: Using AI to Create Efficiency and Drive Success

M&A advisors to private-equity firms are in a race against time and the competition. You need to source unique deal leads quickly, often across several different industries. In a market where there’s a record amount of ‘dry powder’ looking for great companies to acquire or invest in, PE firms increasingly find in-house resources inadequate. As […]

Deal Sourcing: How AI Unlocks Private Company Data

If you’re working in private equity today, you’re under pressure to find the best opportunities. The space has never been busier–more money’s been invested (a record $1.12 trillion in 2021, Bain & Company reports), and more deals are being done. A staggering $3.4 trillion in dry powder was on hand globally at the start of […]

Proprietary Deal Sourcing is no Longer Just a Marketing Claim

Today’s competitive marketplace requires PE firms to explore new strategies to grow the quantity and quality of deals entering their funnel. Proprietary deals have become more challenging in an industry as competitive as private equity, with USD 1.8T of dry powder and close to 20,000 fund managers. Many private equity GPs, even today, claim that […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Three Core Capabilities of Private Equity Firms

Introduction “…AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives.” Fei-Fei Li, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a tipping point and is already part of our daily lives. If you’ve used Google Maps to determine the optimal route and transport options, you would have […]

Artificial Intelligence Won’t Steal Your Private Equity Job, But It Will Make You Better at It

The robots are coming for your jobs! There’s scarcely a day that goes by without someone publishing an article about how artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads into a given industry. And while the reality is far more nuanced, there is some truth to the idea that automation is gearing up to replace a portion […]