We started in defense, and we're there today—and every day.

Our first customers were in the defense space, and our history at udu goes back farther than that—our management team has been building groundbreaking tools for the national security community for 15 years. We know defense.


We build custom data structuring solutions based on udu core for our defense clients. With udu core, defense customers can:

  • Correlate a variety of open source intelligence (OSINT) sources to identify and understand new technological opportunities.
  • Analyze social media, news, and other OSINT sources to identify and track trends using a variety of filters and measurements, including geolocation, sentiment, and more.

For customers in the defense space-or any customer with serious information security requirements-we offer udu connector, an add-on to udu core that enables it to run securely behind an enterprise firewall. With udu connector, users can designate any part (or all) of a request as proprietary, and no proprietary information crosses the firewall-but udu core is still able to use cloud-based computational resources to minimize local hardware requirements. To learn more about udu core, udu connector, and what we can build to meet your defense requirements, contact us.