The best prospect generation system. On the planet.

We know private equity—two of our co-founders come from the investment banking world. We use deep web searching and advanced data analytics to help private equity firms discover high-quality targets before other firms begin shopping them. We find quality targets using exact search criteria; the prospect information we provide is generated in real time, just for you; we offer precision targeting and analytics-based targeting so that you can search on non-public criteria; example-based targeting to enable you to identify opportunities similar to known examples that you designate; and we include custom engineering to build solutions tuned for your firm’s needs.

Panning for gold

Finding quality targets is one of the most difficult aspects of the private equity business. We change that radically by helping you proactively locate high-quality platform and add-on targets that fit your exact search criteria—the fresh prospects that help you create the kind of value that sets your firm apart.

It’s not enough to precisely target prospects, so we go beyond that with analytics-driven targeting. Come up with virtually anything you’d like to know about prospects, published or not—we create proxies based on available data and can reliably estimate it. Or give us a list of prospects you’ve already identified and we’ll create analytics-based processes to find more just like them in the region of your choice.

Some of the features and benefits of our offerings for private equity firms include:

  • Find quality targets using exact search criteria to generate fresh prospects
  • New prospect information is generated from scratch, every time, just for you
  • Precision targeting across multiple criteria: geography, industry, size, more
  • Analytics-driven targeting allows you to search using proxies for data not publicly available
  • Example-driven targeting allows you to find firms similar to firms you select
  • Custom engineering included to build solutions tailored to your firm’s needs
  • Faster targeting saves time and effort, allowing you to restructure or redirect resources

For more information on how udu can help your private equity business, contact us.