Someone has the knowledge advantage. Shouldn’t it be you?

Every day, udu delivers vital information to our customers in the real estate market. From information aggregators to commercial developers, from service providers to agencies, udu provides continuous streams of data that give real estate enterprises a vital edge in what they do.

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We offer ready-to-go lead structuring services using udu leads. For example, with as little as the name and postal code of a licensed real estate agent, we can often derive street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, business names, and much more. udu leads works with both fragmentary data (such as the name-postal code example) or can generate new leads from scratch, given overall search parameters. Our pricing is competitive and is based on quantity and the specific type of data requested. Contact us for a quote.

We also offer custom solutions for the real estate market based on udu core. We’ve already delivered solutions that include:

  • Constructing and maintaining databases of all apartment buildings in a predefined geographic area, with data such as street address, contact information, renter reviews, and more.
  • Constructing and maintaining databases of all apartments available to rent in a geographic area, including pricing, square footage, policies, and more.
  • Extracting real estate information in structured form from hot sheets in a variety of formats, including PDFs, Word documents, e-mails, and more.
  • Augmenting humans who scan classified sites for real estate listings. A udu tool integrated into employees’ browsers enables them to send a page to udu core for analysis with a single click; relevant information is extracted and uploaded to the proper database for immediate use.

For a quote on building your own custom solutions using udu core, contact us.