A platform that's as versatile as you are.

udu core is our patented technology platform for harvesting and structuring data for critical business processes. It’s at the heart of everything we do. There’s nothing else quite like it. So what is udu core and what can it do for you?


udu core represents a unique approach to discovering, structuring, enriching, and delivering vital enterprise data. It starts with a request from you to udu core, after which thousands of applications begin collaborating—and competing—to find every fragment of data that’s relevant to your request. Where do they look? Almost everywhere. Not just the open web, but in social media feeds, in strangely-formatted databases, behind interfaces meant only for software engineers—no location in the open or deep webs is too obscure to be searched.

What does this mean for you?

First, udu core will keep trying to find information that’s relevant to your request as long as you let it. Some of that information will be new—an email address that’s associated with a name, a city name that’s associated with a postal code. But some of it will be identifying data within or about the data. That’s where structuring comes in. If there’s a street address, a phone number, or a social media handle (to name just a few) in unstructured data, udu core will find and mark them, so you can work with them.

Second, udu core—and everything we do at udu—is always working from live, dynamic data. There are no old datasets we’ve acquired so that we can brag about how much data we have access to. udu core structures data for you live, based on what’s on the open and deep webs right now, every single time.

udu core is licensed by server instance, with a minimum commitment and with support always bundled in. What do you get for this? 24/365 access to your own copy of udu core, ready to do whatever needs to be done—on demand, on schedule, or both. We quickly configure a solution for you, and then you can come back to us anytime to extend it or to configure another solution. And another. It’s all part of our support package. Or you can configure your own solutions—we’ll provide the training and support you need if this is how you want to use udu core. Contact us for a quote.