Not just any leads. Targeted, useful, structured leads.

Based on our patented udu core technology, udu leads is a product that’s focused on one thing: being the best lead structuring system on the planet. What do we mean by lead structuring, and how is it different from lead generation?


Today, most lead generation services work by maintaining large databases of potential leads. On a regular basis, they acquire additional leads and merge them into their existing databases. They may also do their own searching and scraping to find additional leads. In the end, a serious lead generation service might have tens or even hundreds of millions of leads. If you approach a traditional lead generation service and request contact information for, say, 1,000 pet store owners, or 1,000 electric vehicle enthusiasts, the service will look through its records, find 1,000 names of people it believes to be appropriate, and send them to you. How long have those names been sitting in a database? How rigorously have they been validated? How much confidence can you have in them?

Our approach is different. If you request leads from us, we input your starting data—whatever you can tell us about the kind of leads you’re seeking—and then we search, live, right then and there. No old databases, sitting in a corner of a server farm gathering virtual cobwebs. Everything we do is live and up-to-the-moment. We don’t maintain static or semi-static databases of leads; we simply go looking on the open and deep webs whenever we’re asked to.

It doesn’t stop there. What happens if you have some leads but you’re not sure how good they are? Tell us what you’d like to know about them and we’ll take it from there. We validate leads and can score them in a way that represents what’s important to you. We can add information to each lead, even information that you might not think possible. For example, do you have names and postal codes—and nothing else? For many of those, we can add street addresses, phone numbers, even email addresses.

udu leads is competitively priced based on quantity and on the various optional data fields you’re looking for. Contact us for a quote.