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Case studies and guides

Private Equity Case Studies

How top private equity firms succeed with udu


“Our old way of doing things seems like the dark ages now…Thanks to udu, we don’t waste anyone’s time.” — Cornelia Kiley, COO at sbLiftOff


sbLiftOff Case Study
NexPhase Capital Case Study

NexPhase Capital

“In today’s highly competitive and efficient deal market, udu’s sourcing support provided the edge required to identify and, ultimately, acquire a highly attractive tuck-in business.” — Lex Leeming, Partner & Head of BD NexPhase Capital


Charter Oak Equity

“…working in a parallel path using purchased lists, Charter Oak uncovered only 19 of the 95 names that udu turned up…” — Doni Perl, Principal Charter Oak Equity


Charter Oak Equity Case Study

Deal Sourcing Software Guide

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of udu

New project from scratch guide

Create a new project to find businesses from scratch

Follow along with this full video walk through of customizing a search to find rock climbing gyms. This guide offers an in-depth look at the process of building a brand new project from inception to searching the entire USA for every rock climbing gym. (~20 minutes)

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How deal sourcing with udu is unique

Next generation deal sourcing a report by PE Stack

Check out a special report by PE Stack delving into udu and the idea of using a virtual analyst to enhance your proprietary deal sourcing strategy.

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