Tell us about the information you wish you had

We deliver it as a Data-as-a-Service
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We find data you didn't know existed

We take search to the next level. udu finds things that traditional search engines can't. We connect to obscure interfaces, convert obsolete database formats, you name it. We've scraped sites that haven't been updated in years (at least it seemed that way). We've uploaded CDs of data unavailable in any other format into our system to make it available to customers. Whatever it takes.
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We add the structure your data needs

Most of the data on the Internet is unstructured or semi-structured. Social media posts, blog entries, images, sensor data... it's no problem for udu. We add the structure that makes data analytics-ready. Entity extraction? Sentiment analysis? Image recognition? It's all good.
It's exciting to guide the development of a programmable platform that changes how people think about data. We love pushing our technology to the limit to solve our customers' problems.

Rett Crocker udu, Inc.

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We enrich your data in ways that will amaze you

We can enrich your data in ways you might not even imagine. Correlate a mailing address to a social media handle? It's often possible. Find a business owner's online photos? It can be done. Correct street addresses and phone numbers before your salespeople see them? We do that every day.
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We deliver data when, where, and how you need it

Think of us as a funnel for your enterprise analytics system, whether that's a team of people using state-of-the-art analytics tools or you and your copy of Excel. We deliver data in any format, on any schedule you require. You need a spreadsheet of prospects every morning? Got it. A 24/7 nonstop feed of data directly into an analytics tool? Yep.
When I explain udu to potential customers, the first thing I ask is, "What do you wish you knew about your business?" There's always an unknown, always something for us to take on.

Charles Shook udu, Inc.

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