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AI Powered
Deal Sourcing

Enabling Private Equity to
make smarter decisions, faster

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NexPhase Capital
RFE Investment Partners
Charter Oak Equity

Sourcing AI

udu is trained to identify and screen company data, isolating matches to your unique criteria 24/7

Focus your efforts

udu identifies the opportunities most warranting your attention, so you can build the right relationships

Keep up-to-date

Rapidly gather key information to evaluate opportunities, keep your CRM fresh and make more informed decisions

The Udu Platform

Easy-to-use Interface, Powerful Deal Sourcing Tool

How to Generate Proprietary Deal Flow

Advanced data harvesting + machine learning = a systematic approach to PE deal sourcing

Proprietary target company lists

Uncover early stage, overlooked and out-of market opportunities using udu’s comprehensive company search.

AI vetting and prioritization

Use udu’s machine learning to build custom models that prioritize targets and make your data more actionable.

Qualitative data harvesting

Use the power of udu’s patented technology to search across thousands of data sources and uncover hidden signals.

“In today’s highly competitive and efficient deal market, udu’s sourcing support provided the edge required to identify and, ultimately, acquire a highly attractive tuck-in business.”

Lex Leeming
Lex Leeming
Partner & Head of BD NexPhase Capital

“udu has been a game changer for our work with Private Equity investors. Our outreach to potential sellers is fueled by curated lists enabling us to identify highly relevant targets…The onboarding process was easy, and they were always available to answer questions or refine our research plans.”

Cornelia Kiley
Cornelia L. Kiley
COO, sbLiftOff

“udu is a great tool that we use to identify market fragmentation as we are evaluating new market sectors as well as identifying overlooked companies in mature industries. The tool is easy to use and the team are very responsive if you have questions or concerns over your search or output.”

Peter Reiter
Peter Reiter
Managing Director Business Development, RFE Investment Partners

“udu produced a list of leads that our team could not have identified, screened and catalogued in any reasonable amount of time…working in a parallel path using purchased lists, Charter Oak uncovered only 19 of the 95 names that udu turned up…”

Doni Perl
Doni Perl
Principal, Charter Oak Equity

“Today, firms are increasingly seeing the potential to utilize the latest technology by adopting services like udu to power their proprietary database and market monitoring capabilities.”

Tim Friedman
Tim Friedman
Founder, PE Stack

“The udu core platform has changed how we do business. What took months now takes hours, and what took hours takes seconds. We can do more, faster, with less. udu core is one of the reasons we have the largest and most accurate database of national rental listings.”

Josh Tayloe
Josh Tayloe
VP Operations, RentalBeast

“We hold ourselves to a high standard in personalizing users’ experiences on our platform. The ease, flexibility. and thoroughness of data that the udu platform is able to achieve has helped us improve our user experience tremendously; the result has been happier customers.”

John Wall
John Wall
Product Marketing Manager, Adwerx

Traditional Sourcing vs AI Powered

A traditional analyst can determine if a company is minimally relevant by looking at a company profile or website in about a minute.

udu can identify, analyze and score 195 companies to your exact preferences each minute, taking into account far more data points than a human would consider.

Companies vettedTraditional sourcingAI powered sourcing
per minute1195
per day480 (8 hours – no breaks)280,800 (24 hours)
per week2400 (40 hours – no breaks)1,959,591 (24/7)

New sbLiftOff Case Study

How M&A Advisor sbLiftOff Transformed Target Lists with udu

Check out a new case study describing how udu helped sbLiftOff transform target lists.

“Our old way of doing things seems like the dark ages now…Thanks to udu, we don’t waste anyone’s time.”

— Cornelia Kiley, COO at sbLiftOff

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