Private Equity Deal Sourcing
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Deal Sourcing at Machine Speed and Coverage, with a Human Touch


udu's patented data harvesting and analytics software finds companies matching your criteria in days rather than weeks. We do the same thing you would do, but we do it at machine speed.


udu searches both private and public data sources. It looks in places no human would think to look, and that means increased deal discovery volume.


udu is different and smarter. Go beyond speed and coverage into match rate quality scoring to prioritize targets and improve conversion rates.


Our team of engineers and financial experts help you build searches and provide output tailored to your needs.


Let udu do all the work to iterate and refine your results

  • Define Match Criteria

    Work with our engineers to define the perfect add-on or platform company. Give udu a sample of good and bad matches, and it can objectively identify what features to use when scoring and ranking your results.

  • udu Search

    udu combs through web sites, APIs, obscure databases, and social media to find deals based on your match criteria. Plus, every search is live. The results can't get fresher than that.

  • Transformation and Structuring

    Once udu identifies target companies, it structures and transforms relevant company data. It then scores and ranks all the results.

  • Results and Refinement

    A udu engineer delivers the results to your team, and the process of refinement begins. After a few iterations, udu learns your preferences and improves discovery quality as well as conversion rates.


Experienced Engineering and Finance

Rett Crocker


Charles Shook

VP Corporate Development

Andy Kell

VP Finance

Salvatore Gallo

Director Business Development

We started udu to solve complex data harvesting and analysis problems using a patented technical approach. udu is used by our customers in defense and real estate for building and tracking large datasets for a variety of analytics purposes. Once we started working with customers in the private equity space, the value and efficiencies that udu brings became clear. Any private equity firm using a buy and build strategy, buy-side M & A groups, or corporate M & A teams, should use udu to improve their deal discovery and sourcing.

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