AI Powered
Deal Sourcing

Enabling Private Equity to
make smarter decisions, faster

Your AI team member

udu is trained to identify and screen company data, isolating matches to your unique criteria 24/7

Focus your efforts

udu identifies the opportunities most warranting your attention, so you can build the right relationships

Keep up-to-date

Rapidly gather key information to evaluate opportunities, keep your CRM fresh and make more informed decisions

The udu Platform

Easy-to-use interface, powerful tools

Smart Business Search

Advanced data harvesting + machine learning = a systematic approach to PE deal sourcing

Proprietary target company lists

Uncover early stage, overlooked and out-of market opportunities using udu's comprehensive company search.


AI vetting and prioritization

Use udu's machine learning to build custom models that prioritize targets and make your data more actionable.


Qualitative data harvesting

Use the power of udu's patented technology to search across thousands of data sources and uncover hidden signals.


Traditional Sourcing vs AI Powered

A traditional analyst can determine if a company is minimally relevant by looking at a company profile or website in about a minute.

udu can identify, analyze and score 195 companies to your exact preferences each minute, taking into account far more data points than a human would consider.

Companies vetted
AI powered
per minute
per day
(8 hours - no breaks)
(24 hours)
per week
(40 hours - no breaks)

Virtual analysts

Next generation deal sourcing a report by PE Stack

Check out a special report by PE Stack delving into udu and the idea of using a virtual analyst to enhance your proprietary deal sourcing strategy.

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