Deal Sourcing Using Machine Learning

For Private Equity, portfolio companies, defense, real estate and you

Identify Potential Acquisition Targets

udu was created to solve complex business challenges by leveraging the latest advancements in data harvesting, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). Systematically scanning web-connected data sources, udu creates proprietary data resources to inform decision-making at all levels of your organization.


Patented data harvesting finds results faster than humans ever could


Increased scope, scale and depth of search over 1000s of data sources


Algorithmic scoring focuses in on the results that match your criteria


Our engineers and financial experts can search for you or help you do your own searching

How to Find Companies for Acquisition

Search, refine and iterate

  • Match criteria

    Customers define criteria for targets (add-on or platform companies, prospects or partners, etc.) using whatever metrics they prefer

  • udu search

    udu search

    udu combs through 1000s of data sources to find potential acquisition targets, prospects, partners or information

  • structured

    Transform, structure, train

    Relevant results are structured and scored then iterated on based on feedback to improve the algorithm

  • Final results

    The resulting data uses customer preferences to score and rank just as if they did it themselves, so they know where to focus their efforts

Private Equity Deal Sourcing Tool

Easy-to-use Interface, Powerful Deal Sourcing Tool

search tool
search results view

Plus, check out a Guide to Building a Project From Scratch in our Resources section for a full video walk through.

Deal Sourcing with Machine Learning

From 1000s of data sources to your CRM

Example companies
Web search
Social media
Map data
News & press releases
Government filings


Data augmentation
Structure & transformation
Machine learning
Genetic algorithms

Acquisition targets
Custom datasets
Hidden signals
Targeted leads
Competitive intelligence

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